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NBC Newshound - Tenth Edition


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Guide Dogs NBC Newshound

Our Brief
Founded in 1931, Guide Dogs has been helping the blind and partially sighted for over 85 years. A large part of that success is down to the vast network of volunteers that work in every area of this organisation. To help celebrate the volunteers, Guide Dogs asked us to help design and produce a quarterly magazine dedicated to the work they do.

Our Solution

Utilising the Guide Dogs brand guidelines, we designed the magazine ‘Newshound’ which adheres to strict accessibility guidelines. This magazine is printed digitally for the visitors to the Guide Dog centres, but it is also distributed electronically and as such needs to be carefully prepared to meet the standards required by screen reading technology.

The magazine has now reached its landmark tenth edition and its popularity continues to grow in and outside of the organisation. With it’s mix of stories, highlights and of course puppies, it will continue to shine a light on the work done by all who contribute their time and boundless energy.

…having now reached its landmark 10th edition, Newshound’s popularity continues to grow in and outside the organisation.

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